unit 7: it's a celebration

Food is an important part of any celebration in all countries of the world! Here in this unit we are going to learn about food. As an introduction, watch this video about the most popular food around the world!


Let's expand our food vocabulary! Look up the words you don't know in a dictionary!

unit 5: all about sport


How important is sports? How sport benefits our health?

Are sports so good for people, or are they just a fun and entertaining pastime?  Watch and listen to the videos and list the positive effects that sports can make on us. 

vocabulary extension: sports

tennis - nadal vs federer

Just a few days ago, Federer defeated Nada. Here you are Nadal's discourse to Federer. Is he kind to the winner Federer? How does he feel? Who does he thank to?

the history of basketball

An introduction to the  text we are going to read in the class. 

grammar - modal verbs

Last week Adele performed a tribute to George Michael at the Grammy Awards, but in the middle of the song she got wrong. What does she say when she stops singing? She says a modal verb...Listen and guess it.

listening comprehension

Watch and listen to the video and answer the quiz questions:

1) Why does Usain need to run?

  • To avoid getting beaten up on the way to school
  • To train for a race
  • To meet someone before school
  • To get to school in time

2) What did Usain do while running?

  • pass a runner who was training
  • stop to play soccer
  • pass the ball to another player
  • score a goal

3) How much did Usain enjoy school?

  • Time flew because he liked the classes
  • He was bored
  • All he cared about were the girls
  • He was chatting a lot during classes.

4) Usain wanted to win ...

  • to be popular in school
  • to make his mommy proud of him
  • to earn the coach's lunch
  • to make the coach pay attention to him

5) Usain was having a hard time because ...

  • he won so many trophies that he didn't want to continue racing any more
  • was afraid of disappointing Jamaican fans
  • his mother was expecting too much of him
  • he was not in good shape

6) His mother advised him ...

  • to stop stressing about victory
  • to pay more attention to his shoes
  • to believe in himself
  • not to worry about what journalists will write about him

unit 4: great holidays


To start the unit, watch this video and learn about the best YouTube travel vloggers.

Then, answer the following question: What countries have they visited?

extra vocabulary

grammar: present continuous

For more practice, click here

When do we use Present Simple and Present Continuous? This chart shows you the differences in use.

Watch the following video of Mr Bean to revise the form and use of Present Continuous.