Revisión Tiempos Verbales

Esquema tiempos verbales

Irregular Verbs

¿Te resulta más fácil estudiarte los verbos irregulares si los agrupas de este modo?

Solución ejercicios de refuerzo

Present simple and continuous

1   1   b        3   a        5  c        7   b        9   b

      2   c        4   a        6  a        8   c       10  a

2    1  is driving                    4  don’t understand

      2  does … work             5  are … waiting

      3  knows                        6  get up

3    1  We walk our dog twice a day.

      2  Nicole isn’t baking a cake this week.

      3  This hamburger doesn’t taste good.

      4  How often do they visit their grandparents?

      5  Tom always forgets to bring a pen.

      6  Are you looking for your glasses?

  4   1  I don’t believe you.

      2  How much do the apples in this shop cost?

      3  We’ll discuss this while we’re having lunch.

      4  The child isn’t crying at the moment.

      5  That notebook doesn’t belong to me.

      6  Are you enjoying this festival?

Past simple and continuous

1   1   b        3   a        5  b        7   b        9   b

      2   a        4   b        6  a        8   a       10  a

 2   1  What were those men selling?

      2  Were you writing me a note when I came in?

      3  Why was Vicky laughing?

      4  When did you win the basketball game?

      5  When did they go to the music festival?

      6  Who did you meet last year?

 3   1  While Nick was walking to school, he found 50. / While he was walking to school, Nick found 50.

      2  What were you doing at 9.00?

      3  Cindy wasn’t listening while the teacher was speaking.

      4  How much did Lynn pay for her phone?

      5  I was dancing when I broke my leg.

      6  We didn’t meet anyone new at the party.

  4  1  decided                       7  followed

      2  arrived                         8  was getting

      3  were looking               9  came

      4  saw                             10  hit

      5  realised                       11  didn’t park

      6  was walking               12  didn’t go

5   1  We didn’t have a picnic because it was raining.

      2  Francine began to feel ill while she was / we were eating lunch.

      3  We went skiing every month last winter. / Last winter, we went skiing every month.

      4  We were watching the movie at 9.15.

      5  Martin didn’t remember his girlfriend’s birthday.

      6  While I was watching the match, Jane called me.

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