Unit 7: Staying Alive!

Useful verbs

Are they regular or irregular verbs? How many irregular are there? Check yourself.

Reading Exercise

Dolphins Are the Angels of the Ocean



In 2004, four lifeguards were swimming off the coast of New Zealand when a pod of dolphins surrounded them underwater. They thought they were going to die.


Until one of the dolphins jumped out of the water and surfaced in the direction of a 10-foot-long great white shark. As the shark saw the lifeguards, he swam to them, but the dolphins started swimming in a frenzy, blocking his way. The dolphins swam around almost 40 minutes like this, while the lifeguards got to safety.



Almost the exact same thing happened a few years later. In 2007, a man named Todd Endris was surfing when a great white bite-tackled him off his board. After taking a few chunks out of Todd, the shark was then warded off by a pod of dolphins that surrounded Todd until he got to shore and was assisted by his friend.


On one hand, these stories could all be lies invented by dishonest dolphin apologists. On the other hand, there are a lot of firsthand accounts depicting dolphins acting like this. Scientists aren't sure why dolphins save people, but they definitely agree that they have the intelligence to do it, whether it is from some altruistic sense for creatures in need or because they just really hate sharks.


1. Answer these questions:


a) Why did they think they were going to die?

b) What did the shark want?

c) How long did the dolphins help these people?

d) What do scientists think about dolphins?

Present Perfect

Adopt a pet

  • Foster Home Agreement

    • Foster home should be experienced in the basic care and handling of the type of animal to be fostered
    • Foster home should be qualified and have adequate resources and experience to provide for the medical and care requirements of the animal
    • Foster home should have the space to separate/confine foster animals from other animals in the home
    • Foster home will contact Animal House staff or other designate for permission before taking a foster animal to a veterinarian
    • Foster homes will keep detailed records of any medical treatments and care given to the foster animal.
    • All foster home current resident pet(s) must have up-to-date vaccinations
    • If the foster home resident pet(s) contracts a disease  or is injured by a foster animal, Animal House will not be liable for any expenses associated  with the foster home pet(s)
    • If the foster animal becomes lost or runs away, the foster home must immediately contact Animal House, the local police department and animal control agency.
    • Animal House has the right to inspect the foster home or to request the return of any foster animal(s) at any time
    • Foster animals will be assigned to foster homes at the discretion of the Animal House Shelter staff
    • The Foster home will sign the Animal House Home Foster Agreement before taking any foster animal from the shelter
    • This application and all paperwork regarding fostering Animal House Shelter animals is the sole property of Animal House shelter, Inc


Write about an association you know in your home town. Describe what they do, why it is important to collaborate with them, how you got to know them and any information you may consider that it is important to know about them.

For or Since

Complete this exercise to check if you know to differentiate them.

Other Keywords

Listening: Comic Relief

Listen carefully and try to explain what the video is about.

Refuerzo Reading

Refuerzo Gramática

Refuerzo Vocabulario

Aunque pone Gramática, es el refuerzo de vocabulario.

Refuerzo Writing

Refuerzo Listening

Unit 8: What A Noise!


Quantity: Quantifiers and Determiners