unit 7: fighting crime

vocabulary: crime

grammar: the passive

Can you guess the rule of the PASSIVE voice by listening to these songs?

Once you have learnt the FORM OF THE PASSIVE, let's learn the USE, that is, WHEN AND WHY WE USE IT.

unit 6: being a friend

What 10 qualities should A GOOD FRIEND have? Let's discuss in the class. 



How many modal verbs can you find in all these songs?

unit 5: a plate of food

food pyramid or my plate?

grammar: relative clauses

writing: restaurant & tapa review

Choose one restaurant or café and its tapa and write about it. 

This time it is Julia's and María Bocardo's writings the ones chosen to be posted, which talk about the 'tapa' in La Tasca de Juan and Más que Cajas bar.Congratulations!


vocabulary: inventions & appliances

Can you think of 10 inventions that changed the world? Have a look of the timeline below and find out what it is, and the word in English.

grammar: past perfect & the 3rd conditional

writing: an essay about an invention

In this unit, María Ramírez' (3ºA), who wrote about the bulb, and Paula Vendoiro's (3ºB) writing about Twitter, are the ones chosen to be published as models to follow. Congratulations!

unit 4: home & away

grammar: conditionals

writing: a description of place

This time is María Rodríguez Moreno's turn from 3ºA. She described very well the city of Paris, calling it 'The City of Light and Love'. So, her writing is published here in our blog to be used as a model. Congratulations María!


Every year there are plenty of foreigners coming to our town, they get lost and need help from us. In this project, you will have the opportunity to perform a situation like this. Divide your group into tourists and locals. The tourist has just come to Conil and wants to get to different points. The other member/s are local and must help the foreign to arrive at those places. 

Download the file below and follow the steps to do your speaking project.


Documento Adobe Acrobat 564.8 KB

unit 3: holiday time

extra vocabulary: travel

Look up in the dictionary the words you don't understand and expand your vocabulary!

grammar: future

reading: travel magazines or blog

Have you ever read a travel magazine in English or any blog? There are plenty of them through which you can learn about different beautiful places and countries. Have a look of the following:






unit 2: achievements

reading and vocabulary

Read the following QUOTATIONS, which will make you think about achievement, success and happiness. Can you give your own definition of success?

Do this activity to learn more about important people who are recognised in all over the world for their achievements, and practise vocabulary related to this topic and Past Simple tense. Or do you dare to do it in Present Perfect, which is the grammatical point of this unit?


Here you have a song adapted to English of the Japanese female band AKB48, which we learned about in the student's book. 

grammar: present perfect

present perfect vs past simple

speaking project

A group of 15 foreign students, learners of Spanish, are coming to Conil during this school year. The teacher is looking for an agency that offers the best activity programme, with the most varied contents and attractive. Download the file and follow the steps to do your speaking project.
Documento Adobe Acrobat 561.4 KB
You have this model to help you, as well as the online resources in the speaking file. But especially, your creativity and your attitude!
Documento Adobe Acrobat 356.5 KB

news article about an event - writing

In this unit we have chosen José Miguel González García's writing to be published (3ºA) .


unit 1: what a journey!

What's the last time you take a journey? 

Watch this video about a journey to the Annapurnas, the tenth highest mountain in the world, in the Himalayas, Nepal. Learn some new words related to the topic.


grammar: past simple vs past continuous

connectors for the writing

narrative model

The writing below belongs to Fernando San Martín, 3ºB. The teacher chose this narrative to be published in our website. Have a look and you can follow as a model to improve yours.

introduction to the school year 17/18!

Kid President believes we're all teachers and we're all students. What are you teaching the world? Who are you learning from?

revision of vocabulary


I am sure you know all the vocabulary about the weather but...have you ever seen a weather forecast in English? Watch it and practise your listening skills. 

Surely you have heard the Hurrican Irma in the last two weeks. In the following video you will learn about this hurricane and more new words related to this.


Do you know the evolution of transportation? Watch the video below and search on the Internet for the means of transport you didn't know.

revision of grammar

Listen to this song Lemon Tree and find as many present simple and continuous structures as you can! Grammar is also fun!!

comparative and superlative

Do you know the animated film Angry Birds? In this video Red is introduced to the anger management class and get to meet the other birds. Watch it and then practise the comparative and superlative adjectives with multiple choice questions below.

Video quiz questions 

1) Matilda is more ___________than Red.

  • happier
  • cheerful
  • happiest

2) Red is as___________as Matilda

  • tall
  • taller
  • tallest

3) Chuck is the _______________of all

  • small
  • smaller
  • smallest

4) Bomb is ____________than Chuck.

  • bigger
  • big
  • biggest

5) Matilda is the ________________of all.

  • weird
  • weirdest
  • weirder

6) Chuck is the most ____________ of them.

  • talkativer
  • talkativest
  • talkative

7) Chuck is _______________ than the police.

  • faster
  • fastest
  • more fast

8) Chuck is more _______________ now.

  • embarrasseder
  • embarrassed
  • embarrassedest

9) Terence is the _____________ of all birds.

  • scary
  • scarier
  • scariest

10) Matilda is more ______________ now of Terence.

  • terrified
  • terrifider
  • terrifidest

11) Bomb is the most ________________ of all birds.

  • explosive
  • explosiver
  • explosivest

12) Matilda is the ________________.

  • pretty
  • most prettiest
  • prettiest