unit 8: making sense

vocabulary: senses

grammar: gerunds & infinitives

Celia Brenes wrote one of the best summaries of this grammatical point, done in the class. That's why she got a positive point and it is posted in our website. Have a look of hers to compare and improve yours.




Cristina (4ºA) draw one of the best pictures of the body with most of the parts included. Have a look of this and compare with yours to improve it.

grammar: modal verbs

unit 6: saving our planet

vocabulary: the environment

grammar: reported speech


This time is Celia Brenes' writing to post. Congratulations!

unit 5: made for you

vocabulary: marketing & shopping

Find in the picture below all the words about marketing and shopping. Look up in the dictionary the words you don't know and expand your vocabulary!

grammar: the passive voice

Watch this video to understand more THE PASSIVE VOICE.

writing: an opinion essay

In this unit, Clara Muñoz's and José de Ory's writings have been the ones chosen to serve as models. They wrote really good compositions, they both have improved a lot. Congratulations!

unit 4: living together

Learn more about social interaction watching this video and practising listening skills at the same time.

grammar: conditionals

writing a formal email

This time is Ainara and Alicia's writing the one chosen to be published here in our blog. They sent an email to the mayor telling about one of the main problems in Conil for teenagers. They used new vocabulary from the unit to describe the problem and how teenagers feel. Congratulations! We hope the mayor answers and solves this trouble!


Dear Mayor,

One of the problems that teenagers have is that in the town there isn't a place to dance and spend time AT night with friends.

For example, in winter we are borED because with the cold and the bad weather we don't want to stay in the street and for this reason we get sick all winter. We suggest you a place which has got GOOD music, without alcohol drinks, something to eat and games like table football. We think this place should haVE a wall to make us our graffiti because if we do it in the streets, it is juvenile delinquency.

We hope that people have a sense of belonging and don't feel left out. We can see eye to eye with this suggestion because there will be a well-being for all.

Yours faithfully,
Ainara Galindo and Alicia Garcia.


speaking project 2nd term: job interview

In groups you are going to perform a job interview, in which one is the manager and the rest the applicants. The manager is looking for a person to employ in a vacancy of his/her company. So, he/she will interview several candidates (applicants for the job). Finally, the manager will make a decision about who is the best candidate for the job.

Documento Adobe Acrobat 843.1 KB

speaking project: horror story short film

Film a horror short story. It can be something strange that happened to you or an imaginary event.

Download the file and follow the steps to do your project. 

Documento Adobe Acrobat 460.5 KB

unit 3: it's a mystery

Have you ever heard about The Green Children of Woolpit?

grammar: present perfect vs past perfect vs past simple

writing: a narrative

In this unit, the writing chosen as a model is by Carmen Santos, 4ºA.

unit 2: king & queens

british royal family tree

Probably this royal family is not as attractive to you as the famous series Games of Thrones but they belong to the British monarchy and it is part of the English culture. So it's good for you to know a little bit about them.

Once you had a look of that, you can watch the trailer about the Season 2 of Games of Thrones. Activate English subtitles if it's difficult for you and take notes of the words you don't understand to look them up in the dictionary later. You will practice listening skills and enlarge your lexicon!

quiz films and tv

How much do you know about films and television? Let's check with the quiz below! And then focus on all the new vocabulary for you.

learning grammar with songs

The following song is the choice for introducing and learning RELATIVE CLAUSES: 'You're Still the One", an ode to the union between her songwriter Shania Twain and the producer Lange. Beautiful song! I hope you enjoy it!

What type of relative clauses does the song contain? Defining or non-defining?

indefinite pronouns: some-, any-, no-

speaking project

Choose a film or a series and design a review of it. Then, record yourself doing the presentation!
It is necessary to download the file to follow all the steps and include the contents required.
Documento Adobe Acrobat 706.5 KB

writing: a film review

In this unit, the writing chosen as a model is David Ligero Ramirez's, 4ºA. 

unit 1: taking risks

Have you ever taken any risk in your life?

Watch this video about 10 people who risked their lives for fun.  What do you think about them? Do you think they are crazy or insane? Why do they risk their lives?Then find as many words as you can related to risks and dangers, the topic of this unit.

Other people don't risk their lives for fun, but just because they don't have any other chance. In the video below, you will see  how dangerous going to school can be for some children from other places in the world. Not everyone is so lucky as you...

And what about those people who risk their lives because of their work? It's the case of firefighters. Watch the video, learn new words and more about firefighters' role.

grammar: future

connectors for the writing

writing: a report

The writing below belongs to Noelia Zájara Pereira, from 4ºA. The teacher chose her writing to be published in our website. Have a look to improve yours.

introduction to the new school year!17/18

Kid President believes we're all teachers and we're all students. What are you teaching the world? Who are you learning from?

revision of vocabulary

places in town

Do you know where Cardiff is? Watch this video and learn more about the capital of Wales, in the UK. Then make a list of all the places in the town that you hear in the video. Finally, listen to it again with the subtitles activated and check if you got all. 

personality adjectives

How would you describe yourself? Let's think a bit. Look at the diagram below and choose the adjectives that defines your personality the best. I hope you get more positive qualities than negatives! ;) 


Can you name at least three food items for each shelf of the Food Pyramid?

Do you know which are the top 10 healthiest food items?


Have you ever wondered how some animals sleep? Watch this video and learn new words, look up them in http://www.wordreference.com/ and write them down on your glossary.

revision of grammar

present simple vs present continuous

Once you understand the differences between both tenses, listen to this popular SONG Lemon Tree by Fool's Garden and find as many tenses in Present Continuous and Present Simple as you can. The animation will help you to understand the lyrics. I hope you learn and enjoy!

past simple vs past continuous